Monday, November 19, 2012

Adoring Barclay

20 Things I Adore About You, Barclay:

1.  You are really into dressing yourself.  This includes long drawn out picking out of hats, ties, pens in the pocket, boots, etc.  You are always dressed to "the nines"and repeatedly through out the day ask me, "Mama, and I handthom?"
"Yes my dear, you are."

2.You are a fixther man (fixer man).  You are constantly asking me what I need fixed around the house and you are always measuring, screwing, and hammering everything.  You are so serious about it too.  And when I thank you, you act all non chalant about it.  Sometimes when I go to put you in the car seat, you can't even sit down and out of your pockets come screwdrivers, pens, and wrenches.

3.You are so charming.  Although it gets ME in trouble sometimes because you seriously charm me and before I know it I'm letting you get away with all kinds of things.
The other night you got out of your bed and without skipping a beat you climbed into my bed and started rubbing my back and saying sweet things in your sweet voice,
"Mama, you are so beautiful.  I love you so much.  I just love snuggling with you."
I was helpless.  And you before I knew it you had been out of bed for 30 minutes!

4.Lately you are carrying a flashlight to bed and when Sullivan wakes up in the middle of the night and I go to get him, you sit up straight in bed and turn it on to see who it is.

5.You are a genuinely compassionate little thing.  You are always kind to people who no one usually cares about (ie dirty smelly people at walmart, people who speak different languages, random old ladies).  You are always so interested in talking to them and it always reminds me to not judge so much and to be kind to everyone.

6.I love this stage you are in, you have actual friends who you know and I love seeing you play with them.  You are a little shorter than most of your friends (sorry you got that from me!).  You are so spunky though and I think you are going to be the class clown.

7.You sing all the time.  At the top of your lungs you burst out the sweetest melodies.  I love how uninhibited you are.  My favorite is when you sing,
"He is stronger!  He is stronger!  Sin is broken!  You have saved us!
Christ for raisin (supposed to be risen), Christ for raisin! Jesus Christ is Lord of all!"

8.You hold my hand all the time.  It's always so hot and chubby.  I just savor it so much.

9.You spend HOURS a day jumping from our couch onto a bean bag then from a small trampoline to the couch.  You have endless energy and have so much fun with this simple activity.  You always want Sullivan to hold your hand and leap with you.

10.You are so serious about some things.  You have show and tell once a week at school and you take it so seriously!  You ponder for days about what to bring.  Your teacher told me the other day you were showing and they were running out of time so she was trying to hurry you along but you said, "Wait a second, are their any questions?".

11.You are very helpful and are always wanting to help me with the dishes, laundry, or rescuing me from scary monsters etc.

12.My favorite time of day (usually) is when you wake up from your nap.  Your hair is crazy and your cheeks are so pink and all you want to do is snuggle with me.  Moments like that I will never forget.  Blissful.

13.Sometimes when we are driving you just sigh and say, "Look at the beautiful trees!"

14.You say, "Thank you, Mama!"  all the time.  Unprovoked.

15.Whenever you play you mumble.  You are basically narrating what you are playing but it just just adorable.
Example: "So this dump truck drives over here and gets this wood and then OH! It dropped it..."

16.You are the best big brother.  You are always protecting and looking out for Sullivan.

17.At night after you are in bed you usually request me to come sing you "your song".
(Tell me why the ivy twines...)

18.You have the fullest cheeks, the shaggiest hair and the most perfect sparkling eyes.

19.You think you have two jobs.  One being at school and the other with Derek.  You are very serious about this and inform me sometimes you must go to work.

20.You love adventure and I feel like every day with you is one.

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