Monday, November 19, 2012

Adoring Sullivan

20 Things I Love About You, Sullivan...

1. Every day we go to school you get your backpack on in the parking lot and shout, "Nuuuuuun!!!! (run) and WAAAAAAACE! (race).  Barclay of course wins every time but you get to the traffic cone and shout, "I WON!" Every. Time.  And when you run, you run with your little head stuck so far out.

2.You like to snack all the time.  I'm trying to get you to snack less and eat more at meals but you sneak and get food all the time.  My favorite thing you say is, "bippy bips" for veggie chips.

3.I wake up so many mornings to your little hot hands on my face and the sweetest little , Mmmmennning (morning).

4.I love how you carry your stuffed bunny around by the ear.  It's straight out of a novel how cute you are.

5.When you smile, you smile with everything.  Your mouth is as wide as your head and your eyes are like pools of the most beautiful deep dark water.

6.I love your "chicken hair".  It's blond and thin and it sticks straight up and it looks like a baby chick.  Especially when you run it sticks up more!

7.You kiss me all the time and before you kiss me you close your eyes for a good 2 seconds before moving in.

8.You break out in twinkle twinkle little star and happy birthday at all times of the day.

9.Far more than Barclay did, you fall asleep in my arms.  Those are such treasured moments.

10. Every time I'm doing anything relating to heat, your eyes get huge and you put your hand out as if to touch it and say, "aaaat!  attt! (hot)".

11.Like your brother, you also say, "danks mama" (thanks mama) unprovoked.

12.You yell out "Baaaaaaaaaaaaacalay" all the time.  You adore your big brother and are constantly vying for his attention.  When he hits you (unforunately a daily thing), you come up to me with the poutiest lip and say, "Baklee hit".

13.You ask very sweetly after almost everything I say, "Whhhhhyyyyy?"

14.You are very tender and love babies.  I am praying that one day you will be a big brother and be able to love on a new baby.

15.You laugh so heartily and it is infectious!

16.You also enjoy jumping off the couch onto the bean bag.  Every day you repeatedly say, "bean bag!"

17.You adore books (unlike your brother) and will sit for a long time when I read.


18.You copy Barclay all the time.  You do a little side glance to see what he's doing and then do it yourself.

19.You love dogs and animals of all kinds.  Even when they are big and licking your face you giggle and love it.

20.You are balm for my hurting heart.  On days I am very overwhelmed with sadness you snuggle extra with me and I feel like my cold heart is being warmed.  I feel so blessed to be your mama.


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