Friday, June 24, 2011

Dear Love #2

Dear Love #2,

Tears fill my eyes every time I think of you. You are quite an amazing little boy, even at just 2 years old.

You love so many people so much. Your sweet, loving spirit is so evident when you arrive at the pool, spread your arms out and exclaim with joy, "These are all my fwends (friends)!" I love that you don't know a stranger and that you welcome all kinds of people into your heart.

You are so smart and so curious and so excited about everything. I love just sitting and watching you play. I always end up laughing so hard because you are so precious!

You love all things boy. Trucks, motorcycles, tractors, boats, cars, etc. You can spot them from a mile away. Whenever I'm not with you, I find them and think of you:-)

You are wildly emotional. This makes for some tough times sometimes, but it is such a beautiful quality you have in so many ways.

I'm so glad you're in a stage where you like to snuggle with me sometimes. The other day you were sick and I just curled up on the couch with you and we took turns rubbing each other's back. You were whispering the whole time, "I love you more, Mommy." My heart was melting!!! I love that when you are watching your TV show Shaun the Sheep, you say, "Please sit with me, Mama!" I think that your love language is quality time. I hope that for the rest of my life, I can summon up your sweet little voice in my heart.

You have finally started to love on Sullivan instead of be jealous of him. You get so excited when he smiles or coos. I think you hug his neck about 30 times a day and kiss him twice that much!

I get so worried when I think about this sinful, ugly world. I want to protect you and keep you from hurt and harm. I am learning to trust the Lord with you and just do the best I can.

Barclay Thomas George, I cannot believe how much I adore you. I feel like a love sick girl who wants to do nothing more but write you love letters and think and talk about you.

I hoep you will always know how much your Mama loves you and treasures you.

Your Mama

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  1. oh pa-leez! Try raising a agro cat that thinks he's the Sizzlet at everything and takes your car out for joy rides without inviting you. So stop complaining, thats my job.

    Dear Mr. McNugget
    I love you. So much...
    But you need to grow up!
    I'm sick of emptying your litter box


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