Saturday, February 5, 2011

Happy Second Birthday Barclay!

My Precious Little 2 Year Old Baby Boy,

My heart is so full of joy because of you! The past two years have been the hardest but best of my life. I cannot believe that God chose me to be your mother!

I cannot believe how much at two years old, you are your own little person. As my grandmother Helen would have said, "You have personality PLUS!"

You are caring and loving. I cannot even count all of the times when I am sad or in pain, you have come up to me and put your sweet little baby hands on either side of my face and kissed me, and said, "Don't worry Mama."

You already have a tender heart towards the Lord and are constantly praying and singing Jesus Loves me in the sweetest little voice.

You are a performer. Just like me;-) Nothing gets you going like a crowd with all eyes on you. You dance, sing, make jokes...and with a sideways glance to make sure everyone is watching.

Whenever I just let you play and don't talk with you, you go into a little dream world and talk to yourself. I have got to video tape it before you outgrow it! I hear you mutter and whispering about all kinds of things to your stuffed animals and your baby doll.

You are smart. Really, really, really smart. I didn't do anything to make you smart, you just are. Not only because you can say full sentences, count, and do all the animal sounds...but because you can recognize people and interact with them. You are loving and caring when someone is sad, and you worry about them. You celebrate with them when they are happy. You remember little details about people and always bring them up. You are just like your daddy in that way.

The night before your birthday, I couldn't sleep. Partly because of the contractions trying to bring your brother into the world, but mostly because my mind was overrun with memories of delivering you. The incredible feeling that rushed over me as they lay you on my chest, the hundreds of hours I spent watching you nurse, and the complete awe that overtakes me every day of your life as I get to watch you grow and learn.

I cannot believe what a boy you are now; no longer a baby. I can see a glimpse into the future and I KNOW it's gonna be a blast.

I am so excited to see how you are as a big brother. When I can't fall asleep I just daydream about bringing you into the hospital room and pulling you up beside me to finally see little Sullivan. Everyone has told me you will be jealous and throw tantrums when he gets here, but I truly believe that it will give you a purpose and that you will embrace brotherhood with big wide open arms. I think you are going to be amazing at it.

Barclay, it is such an honor to be your mother. I love every single thing about you.

Happy Birthday!

Love Mama


  1. so so SO sweet. love this. what a sweet treasure this will be for little barclay one day :)

  2. HJ I'm so taken aback by your love letter. Thanks for sharing it with all of us. I enjoyed our little ichat yesterday. Love you and we're praying for you & delivery of Sullivan. Get some sleep!
    All my love

  3. Aaand I'm crying. You write so beautifully, Helen Joy. I told you when he was born that Barclay was a blessed little boy to have such wonderful parents. It's lovely to hear about him picking up the best of you and Noah.

    Porter had no sibling rivalry from March when Evie Grace was born until November. He's still really sweet to her. He is a little older... But Barclay is a sweetheart too. I'm sure he'll be a great big brother.


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