Friday, August 27, 2010

14 Weeks

14 Weeks

Dear Sweet Pea,
This past week we explored San Diego with your Aunt Katie Beth. It was so much fun! We ate yogurt every day, snorkeled in the freezing water, biked, went to Sea World, and saw so many exciting things.
This was the first week in months that I felt like getting out of bed, so that worked out well. I started feeling very awkward this week. As in, sleeping on my stomach makes feel like I'm squishing you. I also feel very strange walking around. Almost like I'm fake pregnant. I'm showing a good amount but it's still so squishy and I feel like you're still so small. I felt you move a LOT this week. So much one day I was actually worried. You were probably so excited with all the nutrients you were getting.
I think about you nearly every second and I cannot wait because in 3 weeks we find out if you're a Lucy or a Sullivan:-)
I love you precious baby. Keep growing!
Love your Mama

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  1. Awww very sweet! I kind of want a baby now! I will start praying !!!

    Aurora Swain!

    I want my luca sawyer!


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