Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Shutterfly Christmas Cards

It's that time again! I absolutely LOVE receiving Christmas cards throughout the month of December. It's one of the only times of the year that I actually like getting mail because I know it's not all going to be bills.

Last year we sent out a Christmas card from Shutterfly. It was ridiculously easy to create and we loved it. We got so many compliments on them and they recconnected us to so many loved ones.

This year I am using Shutterfly again. They have hundreds of different styles to choose from and they are all so custum looking, not cheesy, and are just so fun looking! I actually had a hard time choosing which one to use. One thing I love as well, is Shutterfly is constantly running deals so I always get a good price.

Go here to browse their Christmas photo card selection.

Here to browse their Christmas card section.

And here to look at all their Calendar options...which I think would make great Christmas presents. (Mom forget you ever read that)

Shutterfly is offering 50 free cards if you blog about it! So check it out HERE!

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