Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Evolution of my Home

When I got married, I was seriously into Asain decor.  Granted, I was only 19 when I got married but still, my decorating style was a far cry from what it is today.  I remember registering and seriously clicking anything with bamboo, asian characters etc.  I wanted everything to match and I wanted everything to be finished right away, even though we started our lives with just two lime green bean bags, a mattress and an orange couch.
I remember feeling this stress about finding curtains, "artwork", furniture and decorations to match and to finish the room.  Pretty soon into it I realized that you simply cannot do that when on a budget.  So very slowly, I began browsing yard sales, thrift stores and my own home to find things that would make our home personal, warm and interesting.
I began to see that being matchy matchy is NOT a good thing and that waiting to find that perfect piece for that perfect spot is so much better than buying something to fill it at Target.
The finisher in me has a hard time with this very fluid and changing way to live and update our home but it has become such fun!  And the result is feeling very at home in our place of living (no matter where that is).

7 years and 8 moves later I'm loving making a home with this man.


  1. I'd say I was a lot like you - minus the asian trend. ;) I thought I had to have everything perfectly decorated and "finished" to have a cute and welcoming home, but I've learned now that's just not true, and not half as fun! I love being able to slowly collect and build our home into something beautiful. More character that way!

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    I love the book shelves xoxo

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