Saturday, January 7, 2012

Meal Plan 4

Randomly I chose meal plan number 4 this week. I had some ingredients on hand that it called for and I wanted some enchiladas.
You can see the meal plan HERE
I thought I'd post the links to the recipes I liked, shortcuts, and comments about them. Because I always do better with someone TELLING me about a recipe versus just reading it.
Cinnamon Almond Fruit Dip...found on pinterest.
It was YUM! Barclay ate it ( so like 1,000 bonus points). It opens up a world a possibilities. I will say I was not so much a fan of almond butter. Maybe I put too much? It just tasted a little too nutty for me. I think next time (and their WILL be a next time-because I have half a thing of ricotta and because we liked), I'll blend up a strawberry in it instead of the almond butter. We ate this with apples and there is a lot left over.
Jalapeno Popper Grilled Cheese...found on pinterest
I saw this and immediately thought of my husband. He has a strange hankering for cheap, frozen jalapeno poppers a good bit. I hate buying them so I saw this as a good, fast, easy..."might become a staple in our house" meal. He was skeptical (as he usually is about me "not following a recipe". But the verdict was a resounding, "Can you make me another one?"
I did not roast the jalapenos as she suggested because, it would have added 30 minutes to my prep time and because I had pickled ones already. I also ended up using potato chips instead of tortilla chips because that is what I had. I think the potato chips were probably better!
Crock Pot Mac and Cheese...found on pinterest
This was very yummy and easy. Barclay is allergic to eggs so that was a bummer that he couldn't partake:-/ My bad for not noticing beforehand. Only thing was it was so rich that I felt like I needed to eat just a bit of it. So unless I'm taking it to a church potluck, I'll probably not make it again.
Chipotle Sour Cream Enchiladas...found on pinterest
YUMMY! Loved it! Made a huge mess in my kitchen that I didn't clean up for 14 hours but it was worth it.
I used rotisserie chicken and just coated it instead of cooking chicken breasts. Super yum. If I'm ever in a pinch to cook some quick enchiladas, I'll probably just freehand the inside of the tortillas and top with the yummy sauce (which I already have frozen)
Since the chipotle pepper in abado sauce came in a can and I only needed 1 and there were like 6, I just made up several batches of the sauce and froze it.
*One main thing I need to state is that I never buy chicken or veggie stock. I just boil celery, salt, pepper and onions and/or rotisserie carcase. And use the juice. I usually just make it when it is needed in a recipe (seriously takes like 15 minutes) and I freeze whatever's left over for another day when I'll need it.
Turkey Chili...pinterest
I have made so many turkey chili recipes and have never not liked one. This one was particularly yum and I made it in 10 minutes. Literally. I top with sharp cheese. Barclay actually ate this one and it didn't involve fruit or hotdogs (10,000 bonus points!).

Japanese Chicken Aunt Robin's Recipe
It is lettuce
Sliced Almonds
Poppy Seeds
Chow Mein Noodles (the dry ones in the Asian section)
green onions
and chicken (I usually use rotisserie because it's fast)

and the dressing is:
1/2 cup olive oil
1/4 cup balsamic vinegar
1/4 sugar
salt and pepper

It's a staple around here.


  1. I must say, I like your menu choices. Jalapeno, chipotle and chili all in 1 week? I love spicy food. Oh and don't feel too guilty about your kitchen being a mess for 14 hours... once it took me 14 days to totally clean up! ;)

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