Thursday, December 1, 2011

DIY Advent Calendar

As a child we had a paper advent calendar where we would open the "door" each day and there was a fun activity to do! That was my favorite thing about Christmas.
I wanted to either make or buy a cute advent calendar that Barclay could do this Christmas since he is pretty aware and this might be his first memory of Christmas.
Never got around to it. It is December 1st today so I decided to just write out a fun activity on a piece of paper and put it in a little advent church I got at Target a few years back for $2. By next year maybe I can incorporate these activities into a cute calendar that will last. But for this year it's torn up paper!

I thought I'd share in case anyone else was in the same pickle:-)

I tried to make it a mix of learning about the real reason for Christmas, giving to other people, having fun, making things and enjoying family.

December 1-Put up the nativity and read the Christmas Story
2-Have a 10 minute dance party to Christmas music
3-Make Snowflake Cookies (I have a snow flake cookie cutter)
4-Take Christmas Pictures!
5-Take a meal to someone with a new baby (tie it into the Christmas story and Mary)
6-Make a Christmas tree ornament
7-Make cookies and give to neighbors
8-Go to goodwill and find a Christmas book
9-Watch Charlie Brown's Christmas, snuggle and eat popcorn!
10-Wear your Pj's, get a milk shake, get in the car and see all the Christmas lights around town! (This originated as a way to make my mom not so sad on her anniversary with my dad).
11-Go see ginger bread houses at the Grove Park (a huge Inn here with a national gingerbread competition).
12-Make cookies for people who help us (ie mailman, trash pick up people, etc)
13-Make orange and clove hanging balls. (stick cloves into oranges in patterns and hang for smell)
14-Watch Frosty the snowman and drink hot coco
15-Take cans of food to homeless shelter.
16-Watch Rudolph and eat ice cream
17-Give money to a child in another country who needs it.
18-Send great granddaddy a letter (this is because my Grandmother's birthday was today)
19-Bring good cheer to a nursing home! (probably the one my dad's at)
20-Give 5 toys away to children that need them (aka goodwill)
21-Go to goodwill to buy presents for family (let him totally pick them out and pay)
22-Wrap presents
23-Go to Jojo's house and make Aunt Lucy's Christmas Cookies!
24-Go to Nana's house to open presents. Read the Night before Christmas.
25-Read the Christmas Story. Sing Happy Birthday to Jesus!


  1. Those are such fun ideas! He is going to love it have such great first Christmas memories. :)

  2. Helen Joy, these are so great! Seriously, I was getting a little teary-eyed reading them. I am definitely remembering these next year for Scarlett! :)

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  7. Hey congrats dear. I m overwhelmed after going through your post. Hope you have a great time this festive season. Keep it up.

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